Video Editing

Do you have video material which you want to convert to a professional video? Our creative and experienced editors can quickly and easily assemble a video with advanced editing software.

We convert the supplied material to a strong and professional video. Rhythmically mounted on music, if desired.

In addition to a successful edit we also provide standard color grading and audio adjustments. You can think of aligning audio volume and sound effects.

Other possibilities:

Add logo’s and titles
Add animation in your company style
Add voice over audio
Add copyright free backgroundmusic

Possible purposes:

Promotionvideo or presentation for companies
Promotionvideo or presentation for companies for events
Presentations for study projects
Combine personal photos or videos. (wedding, birthday)

Do you have your own ideas about making a (professional) video? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Interested in a quote without any compromises?


All prices are excluding VAT. Private accounts within the European Union pay 21% VAT. Business accounts outside the Netherlands but within the EU and all customers outside the EU will not be charged with VAT.