E-mail Marketing

Sending relevant, personalized emails is a good way to make an existing customer, a profitable customer. Email marketing goes far beyond sending a regular newsletter. 4 real solutions can help you with this!

Some advantages of E-mail Marketing:

E-mailmarketing is effective
It’s efficient
Results are easily measurable
Can be automated

E-mailmarketing by 4 real solutions

4 real solutions likes to help you with email marketing management. With our expertise we can achieve a maximum conversion by applying an effective e-mail marketing campaign that respond to the needs of the customer.

We take care of the design of email templates and any landing pages that reaches the right audience by means of segmentation. By sending a personalized e-mail the probability of conversion is the greatest.

The click and purchase behavior of subscribers is monitored during the e-mail marketing campaign to reach the best possible result.

Get the most out of your marketing campaign. 4 real solutions is specialized in e-mail marketing and can help you with gaining an edge on the competition. Please feel free to contact us using the form below or call (+31) 06 – 572 417 95 / (+34) 644 2525 74.

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All prices are excluding VAT. Private accounts within the European Union pay 21% VAT. Business accounts outside the Netherlands but within the EU and all customers outside the EU will not be charged with VAT.